Things to Know About Robotics And The Future of Engineering

Whether we as species like it or not, we are already tending towards an inevitable generational paradigm in our course of human evolution. The new adaptation that we have already welcomed into our lives knowingly or not and have already seeped deep within our living curricula. A random joke that was shared on a social […]



For millenniums, scientists and philosophers pondered on the ancient craft of transmutation, the ancient wisdom that heaped on the belief of the philosophers’ stone, the elixir of life and the art of turning metals into gold;  Alchemy. In as much as there may be a small section of the philosophical world who still hold on […]


An Alternate Reality And Lessons To Be learned For Education

Sometimes I sit back in my upholstery, recline into its soft embrace, reminiscing on the decline of self-worth; coupled with the rise of moral decadence as the century progresses; I continue to wonder, rather ponder on all these issues and try to re-strategize the whole scenario. While penning down my thoughts, I try as much […]

Business Investment

Is Cryptocurrency A DÉJÀ VU Of The Dot-Com Bubble?

The history they say always has a way of repeating itself. These repetitive occurrences could serve as a warning or signal of an impending crisis or positive outcome, either way, it’s our only tool in predicting the future and cheating father time. We have seen history repeats itself with the world wars and it’s devastating […]


Financial Management/Market

Financial Management: Whether your organization has lost, achieved, or exceeded financial expectations, financial managers must constantly make smart decisions to push the organization forward in the competitive and uncertain landscape. Therefore having an agile finance function that’s able to course-correct quickly in any condition is key. What is Financial Management? Financial Management deals with a […]