Building A Successful Career From Scratch


NB: This place is for Internships and ‘never had a job before’ fellows (Freshers) and maybe a few other career people!!!

There is nothing in this life that has a one procedure fits all except you are dissecting a lizard of course…

In a society where everyone is living ‘fresh’ on Instagram, real success might come to you as something cliché or yahoo-boy like. But seriously guys, we all know that nothing good comes easy and in reality. Without the ‘filters’ life isn’t that simple. If you ever think the career world might be where your success vibranium is, then here is your space.

Building a career in Nigeria might seem very difficult especially if you have:

No Connection

Not so impressive university grades and/or

Your surname isn’t attached to anyone prestigious ‘dead or alive’.

You might as well follow these few ‘lifesaving, must employ, among others’ career growth tips and be willing to twerk the rules where need be,

Okay, let’s start here→↓

Your thought patterns are great determinants of whatever you become. An underdeveloped mind is as good as the devil’s box, by choice or not. Everything you ever dream of becoming is nursed in your heart and if your mind isn’t processed to accept it and grow it into ideas, plans, set goals and reality, you might just die with your dreams, sorry!

If you want a ‘Warren Buffet’ kind of niche in your career then you must develop and protect your mind as dutifully as you can. Developing your mind is an everyday exercise. And various factors determine how developed your mind can ever become.


Harlequin? Or this trending one now ‘Wattpad’? I understand you are bored and want to keep the flames of cupid alive, but then maybe some other time. You have a lot of time to indulge your fantasies and doing it when you have a fulfilled career is more worth it, so let’s focus, because with time your career will become more important.

You need to focus on books that build and strengthen your relationships on all positive grounds. Your relationships with yourself (self-development books), your relationship with money (financial books), your relationship with people (leadership books), your relationship with your business/career (books on your exact career path, say, marketing, data science etc).

EXCUSE ME: I like to tell people that not all good books are for you, focus on books that are related to your career path.

The essence of reading books cannot be overemphasized. It’s another way of reaching out and seeing things from a higher and better perspective. It will save you from a lot of career problems and reduce your frustrations in this life.

If you find it difficult to read voluminous books, start with those ones with story-lines or maybe audio books.

Reading the right books connects you to the right people. Most times acting as a conversation starter, for relationships that will go a long way in boosting your career.


Spending time with your chit chat friends who are more interested in following social media trends and people and all of the hopeless things that feeds their  fantasies would simply make you a time-waster. And i promise you, no time-waster can find the door to career success. It’s time to build friendship with people interested in societal change. People headed in the same direction as you are. And build networks that will grow up to yield excellent collaborations and innovative challenges.

The right association can be built through various ways and special thanks to social media platforms; we can easily find people headed to the same creative paths as ourselves.

Through social media:

The world has become a small village because of social media. A lot of people think social media platforms are for following celebrity gossips and following trends, what??!! In this age? Shine your eyes, social media is your next passport to an executive career. Most Human Resource managers go through your social media platforms even before you get hired. It is important to position yourself for success on all your platforms, whatsapp included. Connect with people headed in the same direction as yourself; follow people ahead of you in your career path, people who are where you want to be.

Attend conferences and event:

Another platform to “show yourself” is to attend conferences and events that are related to your career. Attend these conferences, dress smartly, introduce yourself  and build relationships with people, ask intelligent questions and take beautiful pictures for the ‘grams’, it’s an important way of building network. Its important also to seek out opportunities that will foster personal growth. Oh I forgot to mention that attending conferences does something nice to your self-esteem.


Working for free for organizations or events connects you with people who might turn out necessary for your future, it also helps you build experiences necessary for your CV. Volunteering is an good way of testing your skills, giving back and supporting initiatives you are interested in.

For every right network you build, remember to not be the only one at the receiving end, always offer values.

Building valuable networks restructure your mind to accommodate growth and open your eyes to mind boggling opportunities available in your career field.


You like music, I do too but its high time you switch things up a bit. What you listen to have a way of re-orienting your mind and your entire response to certain situations. It improves your vocabularies  as well. And this is important if you do not have the time to read or you don’t like to read; a good playlist of podcasts and audio-books on your career field and a good earpiece can do a lot for you on the go. Changing your movie types change is inclusive, especially if you are someone who captures pictures easier than letters. Watching good and mind tasking movies/videos is very important to your career health. Oh yes!


Alright guys, this has being a long TED talk.

Let’s get to work, remember all your thoughts, your contributions, your questions are welcome.

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