Social Media As A Tool For Career Growth

For a lot of us young people, social media is a playground to relive our fantasies; get people to like us, gain social influence and followers, and get people to say nice things about us. Well that’s cool, but you know it could be much more. In most HR firms currently, social media has become an important tool in analyzing job applicants because when you are not being careful, your social media page can tell a lot more about you than your CV can. So if you are going to be all of it, in this age, setting up your social media page to look like it won’t be so bad.


Social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter have become a single stage for the world to display all that it can. So we see online trends that influence people’s day to day lives. It has helped to shape people’s opinion about world occurrences and events and even what happens in their local community.

Social media is a tool that can be employed in elevating your career, getting a job or expressing your viewpoint about something, be it good or bad. It is also a great way to build formidable network that could be instrumental for your growth.

On social media platforms every day, people post updates and various things happening around them. People seek opinion, share thoughts, search out for things they like, celebrate others, gain creative ideas etc. It has become an important part of the process of learning that you cannot ignore.

Social media has moved on from being a space to literally connect to people and is more like a space to do everything; make money, show your skills, build influence, form a crusade around a certain opinion etc. And it’s important that if you want to move up fast, you must be able to utilize the online space to do a lot more than save photos.

Seeing that with the online space we can achieve a lot more than fanciful living and ego boosting, how about we put in some work:

It’s true that even in virtual space there is a lot of disdaining negativity flying around. And as young people we are sometimes tempted to trend on the wave of negativity and savagery. But I’m sure that growing your career is more important to you than promoting your savagery skills, that’s why you are here, isn’t?



Let’s start from here because that’s literally the first thing anyone sees when they view your profile. You don’t want to have people have a blurry vision of you, do you? So your profile picture must be clear and presentable. Most people go through the stress of taking studio pictures, just to get a good image representation of them. A head-shot, “head to elbow” or “head to waist “image is most presentable, and a picture of yourself will be absolutely lovely.


In most social media platforms, this is where you give a description of yourself in maybe 120 words, more or less. What would you want people to know about you? Please stop that ‘I’m beautiful, kind, humble’ thing. Now you would need to introduce yourself as you would on your CV, with the value you are willing to offer anyone who follows you of course. Let’s say for instance, you are a fresh graduate let’s call this one Peter. Peter is a graduate of microbiology with interest in tech skills and he can bake, your description should go more like:

“Microbiologist interested in tech skills and addicted to exploring all variable outcomes of flour.” Or more if you choose.

And of course, your timeline must celebrate all of these, especially the one your career path focuses on. So this bio typically explains your degree, your intended career path and your interest, voila!!


Well, using fancy names, used to be a trend but now, with where you are going to it’s a no-no. It’s important to use the name you want to be identified with, as your username and it’s more professional if your name is the same across all social media platform that you use. It makes it easier to reach you and avoid misleading profiles about you. It also tells whoever is interested in doing business with you that you are serious.


At all times, your timeline must resound with your belief. It’s very tempting to give some brutality to some individuals who sometimes deserve it, but one important skill every employer looks out for is self-control; your ability to not let others determine your response, that’s important.

EXCUSE ME: In this case where you are employing social media as a tool for career growth. therefore it’s important that you ascertain what career path you are willing to take and ensure that whoever comes across your page, on a first glance is able to determine what you stand for.

Another reminder, if you want to get people’s attention to your post especially Facebook, use photos to sell your idea.

Make meaningful contributions to ongoing conversations, share values around your areas of interest, and strive to become a go-to person on your career path.


The sole purpose of social media is to build networks, utilize it! Join groups that promote conversations around your area of interest, follow people in your career path who are doing better, learn from them, make beautiful conversations to their posts, and ask meaningful questions. Show your willingness to learn. Find out about conferences in your areas of interest around you, that you can volunteer for or attend. Attend these conferences, meet people and create good networks with them.


Some dates are being set out by World Organizations like the United Nations to champion a particular cause or remember certain things or people in history find out about these dates and the ones around your career path that you can utilize.

Always remember to use hash tags in this case especially. This way more people get to see your post and who knows who will pick interest.

Finally, make sure that all your social media platforms highlight all of your skills and blow the trumpets on all that you are very good at.

Las-Las, all of the messages you preach on social media, always remember to act on them in real life where it really would count!

Thank you again for your time.

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