7 Factors Every Fresh Graduate Must Consider Before Embarking On A Job Search

One of the most controversial facts in the life of every fresh graduate is seeking for a job, due to the fact that the desired attention required for this dominating area of life was severely neglected in the early stage of their life.

Most undergraduate takes job search as a very trivial area in their lives until they graduate. Due to these mistakes made by most youths of this generation, we have come up with this educative and insightful piece to swerve all fresh graduates off their feet on b the basic factors to consider wholeheartedly, before embarking on the strenuous task of searching for a job.

According to some underground research, it has been discovered that about 70% of every fresh graduate from across the world is totally void of the basic requirements, which these companies and establishments would be expecting from them, to enable them to gain the employment of their dreams.

Here, we would be commencing with the basic requirements expected from every company, to enable every fresh graduate to be gainfully employed.

5 Basic Qualities Required From A Fresh Graduate By Every Company

This term, “flexibility” according to this context denotes the ability of a graduate to be able to expertise fit into any role not minding if it is not there are of specialization. Every company is always ready to embrace a graduate who can operate in any position at very high efficiency, not minding the conditions involved.
Being as brave as a lion and as courageous as a soldier is one quality that every company can kill to get. Courageous graduates are always able to go to any extent to get things done successfully. This is without any iota of fear as liabilities and cannot risk employing them or even if they are being employed, they cannot be given sensitive roles in the reigns of the company.

Certainly, some of you might mistake courage for disrespect but, the truth still remains that there is a very big difference between the two words as courage ” denotes doing things which are seemingly difficult and dangerous without any form of compromise, while “Disrespect” denotes the refusal to abide by the contributed authorities and embodiments, so I bet we now understand their disparities with certainty now.
Companies of the 21st century, that wants to keep up with the trending nature of the world will always bend a neck to grab the services of a graduate. Not just a graduate but a graduate that possesses exceptional qualities in their oral communications. Graduates who can elate and spark up positive business conversations amidst colleagues and business associates are in dire need by every establishment
It is of great importance, that every fresh graduate should judiciously adopt the habit of learning. And also nurturing all the necessary skills with the technical know-how required by their course of study. This is necessary cause it would go a very long way in the quest to secure the job of their dreams.
As the trend of technology has increasingly dominated the whole world. Now programming languages such as C++, Java, Python, Html, and many others are highly essential in creating various programs and applications needed in the augmentation of any establishment. In correlation, to this notion, it is, therefore, a call for all fresh graduates to religiously embark on programming lessons to make them become professionals.

So peradventure, these qualities are virtually absent in you, there is still lots of room to fill in the void positively. Eventually, the right job needed by virtually every fresh graduate would come knocking on their doorsteps in the very instance this quality is imbibed. The target requirements expected from every company should always be at our fingertips in order, for our employees to be blissful and full of diverging testimonies.

Next, let’s look into the major factors to be considered by a fresh graduate before embarking on a job search.

Major Factors To Be Considered By A Fresh Graduate Before Embarking On A Job Search

As a fresh graduate, who desperately wants to land their dream job, it is highly essential to go on the internet and make a thorough research on the current dominating type of resume as it changes as the year’s pass.

Every graduate should strategize and make their resume to be more colourful and unique from that of their mates in order for the company to get interested.

This factor is one of the important factors to consider for a graduate to put at the back of his mind before booking for a job.
The penultimate mistake most graduates make is not maintaining the free flow of ease and understanding between themselves and the interviewers. In correlation to this factor, note that every interviewer of a company always picks the most confident interviewee who in the course of the interview was at ease and eventually made the interview a collaborative session. This collaborative understanding is one of the rudiments to securing the jobs of your dreams effectively.
Fresh graduates, should digress from wasting the priceless time and resources in social media and focus more attention on mobile applications that, create awareness of available jobs and placements which are in line with their respective disciplines and areas of specialization. Mobile applications such as monster, LinkedIn and many others are very much available for fresh graduates to positively harness all its benefits, as it serves as powerful vehicles for job awareness to ignorant graduates.
Networking as we all know has stood the test of time as a fruit avenue whereby different people with varying beliefs come together, exchanging ideas and values amongst themselves. Some major office slots and job placements are not usually made public. This is because they have been apportioned to those within the company and it only takes the adequate networking of a graduate to be well acquainted with such personalities from within the company and gain the favour of their staff to be granted the job.
One of the most essential rudiments, that helps in spicing up one’s resume is to include all your positive achievements as this will elevate your own resume above that of all your mates.
Outlining all your achievements, in your resume serves as an upper hand for any graduate, due to the fact that most companies get impressed by the listed positive awards, experiences and accolades which you put down in your resume.
Scenarios, whereby disappointments breakthrough must always occur as nothing good comes easy. Hence, as a graduate with a bright ambition of securing your dream job, it is always expected to abide in the habit of portraying an open mind. An open-minded graduate always ends up as the lucky candidate to secure a job, due to their positive belief in the unknown and in return it pays a whole lot in return.
The factor tends to be one of the most important factors to be considered as a graduate. Currently, every company with a high profile reputation would always run a very critical cross-check and research on all the various applicants in order to fish out those with bad reputations, to avoid inflicting damage to the standings of the company as this will coherently chase away major stakeholders and business associates from merging with the company. This factor is one of the most important areas which most graduates neglect due to their careless attitudes and it has landed a lot of job applicants’ into cascades of frustration.


I believe with this well-detailed article above, you have been able to know the factors to consider when choosing a career. Do well to take good note of all listed factors above as it may help you in your life affairs. Also, share with your loved ones on all social media platforms to help someone gain some favour just as you have.

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