Things to Know About Robotics And The Future of Engineering

Whether we as species like it or not, we are already tending towards an inevitable generational paradigm in our course of human evolution. The new adaptation that we have already welcomed into our lives knowingly or not and have already seeped deep within our living curricula.


A random joke that was shared on a social media platform said ‘’ What if something happened to Google and we couldn’t goggle what happened to Google? Funny right?! But that shows how dependent we are on machines and machinery to carry out our daily living as we progress in the 21st century.

These machines range from completely robotic and advanced AI to smart tools, to the apps on our mobile gadgets to the household equipment like washing machines and dishwashers. This whole conundrum will, as usual, take its toll not only on our personal lives but the economy at large. This field of study falls largely under robotics.


Robotics according to Wikipedia is widely regarded as the “branch of engineering that involves the conception, design, manufacture, and operation of robots. The field overlaps with electronics, computer science, artificial intelligence, mechatronics, nanotechnology, and bioengineering.” As earlier stated this is a quite vast area and can further be subdued upon specification.

Merits And Importances

Due to the high demand for these services, the industry for robotics is a large one and is not showing any signs of going down soon despite the negative theories surrounding its development. In this piece, I’ll be explaining the pros and cons of robotics and its anticipated impact in the nearest future. 

First off, due to its high rate of influx, this ever-expanding avenue presents a whole new spectrum of business and entrepreneurship avenues. At the manufacturing level; there is hardware and the software. The hardware consists of the hand’s men and technicians most of which of these jobs are already being replaced by automated machinery. With automated machinery, the cost of production and labor is reduced, the efficiency is increased and more products are prepared in better timing.

The software aspect, on the other hand, is everblooming and always presents job opportunities. The market for programmers and language developers is increasing in an almost geometric manner. Since the early inception of the programming language in the early 20th century, never before has there been a huge number of opportunities for skilled programmers especially since the inception of Android.   

Following the line of production, a lot of entrepreneurs have taken the motive to enter the trading and dealing of robotics. Due to its high demand, it is a very profitable market setup and can only become better in the future. Both as main equipment and peripherals, robotics are in high demand for customer service. In the field of medicine, there are already operations being carried out with robots.

Drone services are being implemented in certain parts of the world to improve emergency response. In law, we have seen the polygraph (lie detector) being implemented. Nanotechnology is also another of the few grounds being broken in robotics. Robotics has generally improved the day to day activities of mankind.


As to every cause, robotics has its own flaws. The fact that robotics opens up a lot of job opportunities doesn’t demean the fact as earlier stated in the hardware production example; the robots are actually taking over almost all low to middle-class jobs.

Due to the simple fact that these robots can work longer hours and do not collect salary gives them the upper hand in the workplace where dynamic human decisions are not needed, although this might become a possibility in the nearest future. The role of human beings in factories and production lines has been reduced by automated productions. Robots have also damaged the normal human social interaction and physiological empathy.   

The extras and radical left also developed the theory of a robot or AI takeover and has been strongly rebutted by the propaganda fuelled by Hollywood. The intelligence of the robotics entities points to the creation of a theoretically functionally AI, one that can think for itself and make decisions. In accordance with the successes so far, it is plausible to claim that these assumptions should not be sidelined. These issues although with proper sanctions can be curbed.


In the long run, one must understand that the new species has come to stay and how we as a race decide to accommodate, adjust and evolve as we have always done will greatly shape the future. It is possible to predict that by two centuries from now, the world we know will have changed.

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