Why Hip Hop is Music’s superior genre

When Muhammad Ali went about his promos using poetic cadence and distinctive rhymes and flows for his trash talk, little did he know he was sparking the light bulb in the minds of the younger generation at the time such that by the time he passed away the melodical interference using rhyme and poetry will be topping the charts and be the most listened genre in the 21st century.

Hip Hop for the record on its own is the most cross-cut genres. It is very diverse in its content and creation. I’ll expatiate on this diversity and its impact on the world in general. Hip hop has had the entertainment socio-lingual and cultural factor of the world in its palm for a very long time. Hip hop has been setting the trends in the musical industry and world at large; this effect can be seen in fashion and sport.


Hip hop is the most dynamic, dilated exhilarating and revolutionary music. Rap which is the basic asset hip hop uses is very dynamic, the flow is diverse, there is something for the dance floor, something for the waking up at 6 am doing yoga, there is something for the street and there are songs that can make your soul steam.

There are flaunting lyrics and appreciation. There are hardcore bars and the soft singing flow. Also, there is conscious rap and noteworthy that some of the best stories have been told with rap. All these combine to make the genre so marvelous.

Genuine rap makes you think, no matter the concept of the message, rap music keeps one’s ears and mind sharp like a boxer on their toes always ready for the next punchline to hit. From the storytelling perspective, many rappers have mastered this that they are being referred to as modern-day Shakespeare.

Songs like Slick Rick’s “Children’s Story’’ or Nas on ‘’ I gave you power’’ or 2pac’s “Brenda’s got a baby’’ down to Stan by Eminem. It is notable to state that the word Stan has been added to the dictionary after Nas reference in the song “Ether”.

Rap could be dark and haunting like “Guilty conscience” or straight-up hilarious like 50 Cent on “how to rob”. Works done by rappers have been academically acknowledged that they are studied by those in academia; the five mics rated album “Illmatic” by Nas is an example. Hip hop has always presented a voice from the left of society and helped shed light on social vices. Hip Hop’s first billionaire Shawn Carter (Jay-Z) once claimed ‘’ I bring you the news with a twist, it’s just his ghetto point of view’’.

More about the Merits

Rap is defined as poetry with dep knowledge and rhythmical lyricism. With respect to sound production, hip hop has delivered some of the best sounds of all time. From the early disc jockeys, the Grandmaster Flash, to Premo and Pete Rock to Dr. Dre and his west coast G funk down to trap music and Metro Boomin.

The genre is also very accommodating, having been able to house fusions and chorus from any other genre be it reggae, pop, R’n’B, highlife and as most recently seen the country top-charting song by Lil Nas X ‘’Old Town Road”.

Hip hop due to its large industry has assisted in lifting many young talented men and women from poverty. It has been of utmost socio-economic benefits. It has given a generation of young kids role models to look up to. Also, it has uplifted many people both directly or indirectly.


The genre also has its many bad eggs; it has seen quite a lot of controversy since its inception. Many of its artists have been charged several and called out for use of vulgar lyrics and harsh presentations.

The radical left always seemed to ignore the message behind the songs and rather focus on what was said. In the long run, hip hop has evolved and has gained much more airplay than before.

Hip hop has always represented revolutionary movement and the music and has contributed to the world in more ways than one. The music has changed the whole perception of the world since its conception. Hip hop is one of the most globally accepted genres.

Not only has it presented the most chart-toppers in the last decade, but it has also generated the most streams of this digital era of all genres. Most importantly, it has given us great music. Hip hop definitely has been the superior genre this past decade.


Some of the greatest artists to grace this genre include Tupac Amaru ‘Makaveli’’ Shakur, Christopher ‘’Notorious B.I.G’’ Wallace, Nasir ‘’Nas’’ Jones, Shawn ‘’Jay-Z’’ Carter, Marshall ‘Eminem’’ Mathers. Other legends include KRS One, Ice Cube, Big Daddy Kane, Jadakiss.  Some of the recent memory include Aubrey ‘’Drake’’ Graham, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, and Jermaine ‘’J Cole’’ Cole.

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