An Alternate Reality And Lessons To Be learned For Education

Sometimes I sit back in my upholstery, recline into its soft embrace, reminiscing on the decline of self-worth; coupled with the rise of moral decadence as the century progresses; I continue to wonder, rather ponder on all these issues and try to re-strategize the whole scenario. While penning down my thoughts, I try as much as possible to not make this another advantage versus disadvantages discussion. The expanse of the entire debacle is toward a singular fact which I will try to prove.

To get my point across, I will use the illustration of 10 coal miners.

First Instance:

There are 10 coal miners stuck in a ditch. Along their way of fumbling through the darkness, one of them finds a torch that was stuck there and lost for ages. He flicks it and it came on. All the other 9 coal miners are happy; they all start to follow this coal man. This certain coalman then starts to find a way out using his newfound light. The rest start to follow this light bearer.

He goes right, they move right. If he goes left, they move left. He stops, they stop. If he gets lucky, they find their way out after trial and error. This phenomenon was widely noticed in the early ages of mankind through the B.C to the early A.D period and is still predominant in many societies. People are often comfortable with having figureheads; these individuals have all the knowledge and feed the people what they needed them to know.

This cycle was broken briefly in the renaissance but still prevailed through the dark ages. This system was adopted in almost every sphere of life, the kings led the people in totality, the religious leaders were the only ones who had access to the knowledge and the people did as told most of the time.

A famous rapper from Nigeria once called this phenomenon the “Crowd Mentality”. With the example, the coal miners are the populace. The darkness represents ignorance and the only knowledgeable person is the one that finds the light. This person due to his “enlightenment” is made to be superior and can make much more advanced intellectual decisions. And the populace of course automatically follows the one who can show the way.

Second Instance

Let us now view this from an alternate reality; one where all the coal miners are all equipped with torches when they enter the ditch; what then happens? Assuming they get stuck in the ditch, they all switch on their light gear and start looking for a way out. With all of the enlightened, they can cover a wider area, proper communication amongst them; they strategize the best plan of exit and can have full consciousness of their surroundings.

In this scenario, the miners all find a way out together. Here the cavemen represent the populace as well, the light represents education and the difference here is the unity amongst the populace to achieve a common goal. But this analogy when compared with our modern-day world is very theological than practical, as one can realize.

Also, Note

In this generation, education is being pushed to the ends of the earth and almost most individuals in developed and developing nations have access to basic education. But in as much as everyone is now enlightened. The scenario of the cavemen illustrated with respect to our reality will present rather than the cavemen working together to achieve their common goal, they rather look for a way independently having at the back of their minds that having a torch, they can figure it out themselves.

A tussle for power will ensue, factions will break out. Some will find a way faster, some others at a slower pace after multiple trials and errors. But the worst-case scenario sees some left behind with their light but in darkness.

The fact I’m trying to pass across is of the school of thought that education although beneficial to the individual has a hidden negative bearing to the human race in general. Many consider education the key to freedom but one can not deny the fact that without moral bearing and guidance, the light of education may eventually plunge the world into darkness.

As we can see, in recent times people due to a lot of research or study begin to question the essence of their living. We as a race need to find a balance between the liberation of the human mind. And also the cognitive sense of unity amongst us.

The alternate reality of education brings us questions as to what will be the case when everyone eventually gets this basic education. Also when everyone finds their torches, will they crave for kings like the Israelites of old? This is because in general while the enlightened wish for kings, the enlightened wish to rather become kings.


The insatiable desire of man to know himself is one that also we travail with every day but cannot fully grasp or comprehend. This debate has been one for the ages as believed by the ‘’ Free Masons’’ as depicted in the book ‘’ The Lost Symbol’’ by Dan Brown about the school of thought that humans enlightened in unity is become God, or the Illuminati with their fables of enlightenment. One this is for sure, it will surely happen, and when it does happen, it will cause a huge shift in paradigm.

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