Things To Know About The Essence Of Education In Entrepreneurship:

It has seemingly been a frivolous tussle amidst people all over the world, as at whether gaining proper education for entrepreneurship is of the essence. This has provocatively sparked up a whole lot of tensions amongst a lot of people, who are coming from diverse perspectives.

Firstly, let’s start by methodologically explaining the key terms in the topic; “Education” refers to the process of teaching and training especially in schools to improve knowledge and also develop skills, while “Entrepreneurship” on the other hand refers to the process of designing, launching and running a new business, which is often initially a small business.

If we can critically analyze the two words, it would even appeal to our subconsciousness that the two words are directly proportional to each other. Nowadays, a business owned and controlled by renowned entrepreneurs who are somewhat void of the required knowledge, go as far as employing the services of educated personnel to help get the necessary target results.

On the contrary, there was a time when illiteracy amongst entrepreneurs was the other of the day. Today in contemporary times, a lot of things have changed because the only thing on planet earth that remains constant is change. Therefore, as entrepreneurs, we radically need to embrace change, with an amicable heart. Virtually every successful business venture works under the domain of technology and all the spices of technical knowledge, which has in every angle, diversified the face of business and business and turned it into an embodiment of bliss. See also An Alternate Reality And Lessons To Be learned For Education.


There are basic misconceptions about education that have been ingested by most people all over the world and here they will all be judiciously explained. They include the following:

This also claims are really detrimental, as most people have been deceived by these stories. Even the renowned founder of Apple Group Of Companies Incorporated, the iconic “STEVE JOBS” made it very clear that education is the only pivotal element that unites the wealthy and the poor. He also pointed out that education can be obtained both formally and informally. So in essence education can be obtained from anywhere in the world, because one’s ability to learn from the practical experiences around him/her enlightens one on the basic knowledge, which can be likewise applied to the solving of major problems.
There is a popular saying that, “A man only stops learning, the very moment he is dead” and this is absolutely true because the process of education is a daily process. Education does not end after you have graduated from the University, instead, it continues forever.
This is a viral misconception, that has devotedly retarded the growth of many personalities and this eventually limits them from attaining various dimensions meant for them. Until, people understand that education can also be obtained from daily experiences, which transpires from day to day, then things will be better.

Hence, I believe we have all been properly inducted on the various misconceptions, which has been ingested by most people. Likewise, it would be of immense effect except if this falsified ideology is eradicated out from our minds. Also as an Entrepreneur, it is of paramount importance that we embrace education to the utmost level, due to the fact that knowledge is power.

Hitherto, things all over the world now have transformed extraordinarily into an amiable haven, all thanks to the appropriate range of education that was duly grasped. Furthermore, we can vividly understand that education is the greatest companion we should all have as entrepreneurs, due to its positive long-lasting effect in the growth of diverse businesses across the world.


The value of education in entrepreneurship is radically numerous as it tends to break dimensions daily with its diversified benefits to society. The importance of education in entrepreneurship are as follows:

Education serves as a major avenue for entrepreneurs to discover unrealized resources around them, which has been neglected over the years. It does not stop at discovering, but it also helps in re-sharpening these resources that, will push the business forward and eventually convert it into useful products and services needed to push the business forward.
Productivity, as we all know, is the major target of a high rising business empire and it only takes the right partner to pilot the affairs of the business in order to take it to the promised land. Education provides the entrepreneur with all the relevant weapons needed to achieve full-scale productivity as it helps in widening the level of the horizon of the entrepreneur thereby augmenting him/her with all the required techniques to venture into, which will help in increasing productivity.
This point is predominantly looked at in distaste by most entrepreneurs as they feel obtaining a valid certificate from an institution in recognition of excellence in a particular field of study is defiantly irrelevant. The presence of at least a certificate tends to be increasingly essential in the world today, as some major contracts from Governmental bodies are regularly granted to business enterprises who possess all the valid certificates that, ascertains the fact that they have a proof from an institution which attests that they have passes the test of excellence in their particular field of study. In essence, there is a higher calling for entrepreneurs to dive into obtaining certificates and back it up with all the necessary skills needed for their business.
The scope of education is very wide, in the sense that it covers a very unlimited range. Getting adequate education will properly equip an entrepreneur with all the valid knowledge on the latest trends in
technology to enable him/her to diversify and exploit this technology for the benefit of the business. The advent of ICT and diverse other booming technologies like E-commerce, E-
banking, E-business and so many others have immensely helped in boosting the commercialization processes in various business enterprises.
Painstakingly, the objectives of every productive business enterprise are to judiciously solve problems effectively. Solving the heaps of problems all over the world to gain profits cannot be actualized if the entrepreneur in charge of the business is not a critical thinker. The phenomenon involved in critical thinking is a very complex one and this can only be acquired by gaining knowledge through education. Also, education enables the entrepreneur to effectively think outside the box, in order for him to discover appropriate strategies, which he can eventually use to solve such alarming problems. You might also like to know HOW TO EFFECTIVELY COMBAT EXAMINATION STRESS.


Ignorance is the worst sickness any person can have, because it will incessantly unravel the stinging effect upon its prey, not minding the involvements. Therefore, it is essential for all entrepreneurs to wholeheartedly embrace education not just with words, but also in deeds in order to not be void of all the relevant knowledge associated with their various areas of business. The process of learning which all centers around education, should never be toyed with, as it provides entrepreneurs with the key to upliftment. In order words, for a striving entrepreneur to connect himself/herself into the socket of productivity in his/her business, it is advisable to embrace and acquire knowledge to the highest level.

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