Students today are submerged with diverse forms of setbacks, which impedes their academic success and this setback has predominantly served as a massive stepping stone blocking the ease of achieving examination success without stress.

In concordance with the topic in view; Examination simply refers to a set of formal written and practical tests that are laid out for a given set of students, in order to critically ascertain the level of knowledge which has been ingested by the respective students. Stress on the other hand simply refers to worries incurred by all the inflicting problems embattling an individual.

When submerged together, we discover that the term; Examination stress refers to the series of challenges inflicting students in the course of formally giving answers to laid down tests, set by a given institution. These challenges which face most students include; poor parental provisions, negative influence from peers, fear of the future ahead, insufficient funds, inhumane sets of abuse, personal academic set goals, unresolved family problems, low self-esteem, and so many other challenges.


The series of challenges pose to threaten the smooth triumph in examination exercises for most students at strategic institutions across the world.

Furthermore, school teachers and staff can also serve as very important mediums to help in eliminating examination stress amongst students. Research has shown that about 70% of students all over the world are engrossed with a pile of examination stress, which is caused by a whole load of factors that should have been avoided. 

One of the roles of teachers in blotting out this examination stress is by daily inspiring the students with motivational quotes. It re-ignites the self-esteem of the students and in the long run, there will be no form of the stress of any sort, that can crawl into the life of a student not minding its magnitude.

Another role of the teachers in the combating process is by daily counseling their students about all the benefits of hard work in studying their books, with this, the students will be quickened and gingered to study hard with all diligence and it will eventually eliminate examination stress existing amongst students. Another crucial step in which a teacher can serve as a combatant against examination stress is by critically releasing the areas of concentration out to the students and informing them on the topics to study.

One of the reasons why most students get gripped by examination stress is basically attributed to the fear of the unknown, as they have no clue about where to concentrate while studying their books. The revelation of the areas of concentration has predominantly stood as an iconic reason, why most students study well with wonderful results.


The quest to conquer examination stress has increasingly gained preeminence amongst many students, but yet they fail to plan in accordance with achieving such a quest. There is a popular adage that says; “If you fail to plan, you will plan to fail”. Therefore as a student, who is undergoing any form of examination stress, it is of great expedience to strategize wisely in how to eliminate stress and plan on how to swim in the ocean of examination excellence.

The various strategies to be implemented by students, in order to combat examination stress, include:


A timetable is a guideline that systematically guided your activities daily, in order to achieve a target set goal. Every student, who has the urge to combat examination stress must have a well-constructed reading timetable, to guide him on the particular subject to study at a stipulated range of time.

For a personal reading timetable to be effective in the assimilation of a student, it must be accompanied with passion. This implies that constructing a personal timetable must be accompanied by an intense level of diligence, in order to effectively eliminate examination stress and leave every examination hall in triumph.


One of the pivotal force in enabling a student to enter every examination hall with rest of mind and confidence is organizing routine interactive sessions amongst reading partners of serious-mindedness.

As the jinx of examination stress dwells amongst unserious students, it is highly recommended for students to form reading groups and engage in a mutual interactive session on the various topics studied. In the course of an interactive session on various topics, it helps in enlightening the students on the various sections, which they lack a solid foundation in.

The interactive session is a strategy that must be implemented by all students, in order to combat the high rate of examination stress and it’s challenging.


One of the emphases on the success stories of most high flying students in academic excellence is the ability to read far ahead of their teachers. This strategy is loaded with lots of benefits, with the fact that it loads the students with all the knowledge in a more refined manner.

Here, the student has an upper hand amongst his/her colleagues due to the ability to answer questions, which might not have been being covered by the teacher. Reading ahead of your teacher, today is squarely taunted by mediocre but the fact still remains that it builds a strong bridge, that connects a student with academic excellence which in turn breaks the jinx of examination stress.


Examination success is genuinely pioneered by the highest God, who is the creator of the whole universe. Failure to reverence the Lord, recognizing that he is the only source that you have will always be the beginning of failure and examination stress in the life of a student. Therefore, it is expected of every student to diligently seek the Lord and ask for wisdom, understanding, and direction before embarking on any reading exercise.


Effectively combating examination stress, lies totally in the mind because it is the mind that controls our outward actions and this factor should be duly taken note of by all students. All students should start by feeding their minds with positive thoughts towards their academics, and in turn, relieve their minds off every unwanted thought that has to do with fear and low self-esteem

Another important factor which, should not be taken with levity is adequate rest and sleep as it goes a long way in building up the brains and the entire body system as a whole.

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