12+ Mistakes To Avoid While Writing Resume

Resume Mistakes To Avoid

As important as it is that you get a perfect Resume to emphasis your strength and increase your chances of getting a job, there are few things you need to look out carefully.
This may or may not be all of them, but it will surely set you on the right path to getting the best Resume and of course a ‘ worth the stress’ job.


Always use numbers to emphasis skills, there are many people with the same skillset as you. It’s important to show how your skill sets have aided your contributions to yourself, other people and formal gatherings as well. And numbers show exactly how much you’ve been of help.

Example: Maybe you were an active member of your church or club’s follow-up team on campus, your Resume should read thus:  Using my interpersonal relationship and communication skills. I alongside my teammates aided the growth of my club\church’s membership by 20% in 3 months by ensuring that everyone who visited for the first time was followed up and encouraged to continue with us.
Always bring your potential employer’s attention to all the ways you can add value to their organization. Use your skills effectively and even if they are few, draw emphasis on how you’ve used them before to champion growth.


Using casual email addresses like anniesexy@……com, beautifulonyinye@……….com, etc is wrong. It is very unprofessional to use an email address that is a little bit less than decent. Using an email address that has your full name would be more professional and efficient. Besides, it sends a message of you being responsible for your potential employer.


Even if you do not possess all of the required skills. Using the same Resume required for a financial analyst for the position of a customer service representative is ‘hell no’. It’s important to find out what your potential employer requires for the job position and tailor your resume to match the requirements if you have it. Currently, in most job agencies, a system known as the Application Tracking System is used to determine the Resume that best suits the role. And if your supposed skills do not match up to the requirements of the said organization, the ATS screens you out. Automatically no one gets to see your Resume, and your chances of getting that job are much less than slim.
EXCUSE ME: If your skills match the description needed for the job position and you do not meet up to some requirements like age experience and further academic qualifications, still apply. Don’t lose faith!


Please if a reference is not asked for, there is no need adding any. A reference is only necessary when it has been asked for.


In your resume, your personal information should be limited to your name, address, email address, contact number and maybe your LinkedIn profile are basically the only thing required unless otherwise stated in the job description. In some job descriptions, an age bracket, fluency in certain languages might be required. That’s when you can add that personal information, otherwise please don’t bother.


Unless you are applying for a job with your SSCE, there is no need for adding your SSCE and FLSC to your resume. Most employers are not interested in what secondary school you finished. Except it is a prestigious one of course or what year you wrote your FSLC examinations.


Avoid using phrases like “responsible for.” Instead, use action verbs. Not only do these words help to show off your initiative, but they also help to punch up the overall tone of your resume.
For example:
Resolved user questions as part of an IT help desk serving 4,000 students and staff.
Increased organic search visits 20% year over year
Developed a comprehensive onboarding program for new hires


I know most times you’ve put in your best in preparing your resume. But please always ensure that someone else, preferably a mentor, reviews your resume for grammatical errors and all of the necessary punctuation.


It’s okay if you want your potential employer to understand you better by adding what you enjoy doing in your free time. Even at that a hobby like ‘watching movies’ has a better slot in your diary than in your resume. Your hobbies are not even necessary but if you have to go for the extra. It has to be something that could invariably aid your career and eventually your potential organization.


Where your resume is required through an online application or an email. It’s important to submit your resume in a PDF format. Submitting your resume in a word document format does a lot of harmful things. And first of all, your resume is never as well scripted as it is on your device. A PDF format helps to keep it together, so it gets across just the way it has been arranged at your end.


Employers do read your career summary, but too often they plow through vague pufferies like, “Accomplished professional seeking career growth.”
Give employers something specific and, more importantly, something that focuses on their needs as well as your own. Example: “An accomplished marketing manager that developed award-winning campaigns for Fortune 500 clients that contributed to a 50% increase in stock value.”


Please unless you are applying through an online application directly from the company’s website, please attach an application letter. Link up to this page to see what an application letter should look like: HOW TO WRITE AN APPLICATION LETTER.


Please unless you are applying through an online application directly from the company’s website, please attach an application letter. Link up to this page to see what an application letter should look like: HOW TO WRITE AN APPLICATION LETTER.

Always keep your resume updated if you’ve taken a new course, gotten new certifications, earned awards, gotten new skills, done something worthwhile, tackled a serious problem? Let your resume blow your trumpet.

Your resume is your shot to light up your path, never misuse it by being dishonest or too vague.

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